Framing in a basement renovation is like your body's skeleton

Basement framingFraming out your new basement design also has some considerations to ensure a long lasting structure. Wood or Metal? That is the question. Wood has some advantages in that it is relatively inexpensive and gives you something to hammer nails etc, into if you want to hang pictures or shelves on the walls. However, wood does not fair well in damp environments, and should never touch concrete. Damp wood can also be a source of mold growth. Metal studs are a little more expensive, but generally easier to install and they don’t promote mold growth. The other advantage is that they are 100% straight and true. You will have straight and smooth walls. Unlike wood, which is a natural product which has warps and bows. Steel studs will always be straight. However, just like the wood, you never want it to touch concrete as it can rust and deteriorate over time.

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