Extend your living space into the outdoors with a deck

Deck overlooking mountainsA backyard deck is one of the most satisfying home improvement projects you can choose to undertake. The rewards are two-fold: it adds to your living and entertainment space while adding value to your home. By adding a deck, you significantly increase the usability of your backyard while aesthetically impacting the appeal of that “outdoor room”. We have built many decks at TBG and continue to see new and innovative ways that people incorporate their personal taste and lifestyle into this feature. A deck can be simple — just a flat surface to hold a few folding chairs, or as interesting as a multi-level, segregated outdoor living space. A popular trend in recent years is to take full advantage of our short Canadian summers by creating entire outdoor living areas complete with heating, kitchen appliances, eating areas, jacuzzi tubs and all-season furniture.

Your deck is your outdoor room, you should to be able to enjoy it worry free for the limited good weather days typical of our northern climate. Make it a special place that you are proud to show off and enjoy for yourself and your family. Working with TBG you will have the space that you want and know that it is built right, the first time.


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