Illuminate your space with modern lighting and fixtures

Rain shower fixtureThe final touches to any bathroom renovation are the fixtures and lighting. There is a multitude of choices in this department, so it’s very easy to spend hours contemplating what finishes to use. You want the faucets on your sink to match the faucets in your bath tub and shower. Easily overlooked might be the towel rods and towel holders. Some clients also want lighting installed in their shower. This kind of lighting installation requires a fixture that is specifically engineered for installation in high moisture areas. Installing light fixtures not intended for high moisture areas can be a highly risky decision. The Ontario provincial government and the Canadian federal government have building regulations in place that require any electrical work in a bathroom to meet certain codes. For example, any electrical receptical must be a “Ground Fault Interrupt” outlet or GFI. These types of outlets will monitor the flow of electricity and if there is any imbalance, it will trip the circuit and cut off the flow of electricity. With your confidence in TBG, you can rest assured that we will take into account all your styling ideas and concepts as well as all building regulations to deliver a final product that you will be happy with.

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