If you're adding a bathroom get the plumbing done professionally

PlumbingIf you have the space, it’s a great idea to add a bathroom. Having to run upstairs while watching the big game in your new home theater is inconvenient. If you don’t already have a bathroom roughed in, you will need to break the concrete and add drainage as well as vent for the sewer, which may have to be vented out through your roof. There are a couple of options for your water supply as well. The traditional method is to run copper piping with soldered joints. However, nowadays the plastic tubing is becoming more popular. The benefit if the plastic is less labour to install as well as less joints. The product can be “bent” rather than cut with an elbow joint. In supply lines, if they are going to fail, it’s usually at a joint. Using a product with less joints has a distinct advantage.

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