Interlock stone or brick offers a multitude of choices

Interlock stone installationOften referred to as simply “interlock”, this material offers virtually unlimited choice in terms of colour, finish and brick size. Our photo gallery showcases some excellent examples of driveways finished in this manner. A unique twist on this approach is to install a heating system before laying the brick. Although perhaps not the best use of energy in this carbon-filled world, living with a safer, snow and ice free driveway is appealing to some homeowners, particularly seniors and individuals with mobility issues.

Choosing interlock has a couple of maintenance issues to consider. After a few years, vegetation tends to take root between the bricks.  At TBG we use a special compound that reduces this and helps your driveway last even longer without maintenance.  In winter, you should reduce the amount of salt that you spread on interlock — and also with concrete driveways — in order to keep the surface looking fresh. One of the advantages of interlock is that if your driveway gets damaged in some way — for example, stained by a leaking vehicle, or bricks cracking due to damage, if you have kept a few extra bricks left over from the original installation, it is very easy to replace a few and you are right back to a driveway which looks brand new again!


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