An array of decking materials offer different advantages

Beautiful cedar deckOnce you have settled on layout and design, choosing decking material is the next decision to be made. One popular option is pressure treated lumber which will give many years of enjoyment, but be aware that the amount of maintenance that you are willing to do each year will make a difference. If you are diligent at cleaning and repainting the deck, it can last for many years, however should you just leave it “natural”, after 5 or 6 years it will begin to look tired and you may want to have some parts replaced or repaired.

Cedar will last longer due to the natural preservatives that occur in the wood, and although it is more expensive, the rich, rustic look of cedar may make it worthwhile. A very highly recommended alternative is the synthetic materials now available on the market. These will look great for a lifetime and are available in many different colour and finishing choices. At TBG we recommend Trex Decking for a great look and a splinter free deck that will last forever.


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