Tiling can give your bathroom a unique style

Unique star and circle tile mosaicA common upgrade when remodelling a bathroom is tiling. Many older bathrooms have flooring that over the years has either faded, gotten torn or broken, or even stained. At the same time, existing tiles around bathroom walls may have come loose and started to fall off. This could be because of aging, or improper installation. There are even older products such as plastic tiles that can let water beneath them causing mold to grow on the drywall which can make the drywall soft enough to the point that you might push your hand through the wall with little effort. These plastic tiles can even warp and melt if installed near a heating unit causing risk of fire. These days the most common replacement comes in many different types of material, shapes and sizes. There’s ceramic, porcelain, travertine, just to name a few. TBG has experience installing all different kinds of tiles and will give you the professional finish that you’re looking for.

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