Waterproofing a bathroom properly prevents mold and mildew

Cauling for waterproof finishOne of the biggest considerations when remodelling a bathroom is waterproofing. Bathrooms are subject to the most moisture in your home, so it is important to make sure that care is taken to properly waterproof your bathroom to avoid major problems in the future. The first line of defence against moisture problems lies below the surface, water resistent drywall. There are a couple choices, such as simple water resistent drywall and drywall specifically engineered for bathroom installation. With the drywall, there’s also water resistent plaster. Simple premixed compounds can tend to be water based and actually absorb moisture, which is something you don’t want. There are specific types of plaster that will resist moisture.

Further waterproofing your bathroom can be found in the type of silicone that is uses to seal around the edges of tiling, around windows and around bath tubs. It is important that the silicone used be a water resistent kind or be specifically for bathroom installation.

Another important waterproofing factor is ventilation. All bathrooms should have proper ventilation so that moisture can be allowed to escape and not build up. It’s not just a matter of installing any type of ventilation fan to exhaust the moisture. The fan TBG installs in your bathroom will take into account the size of your bathroom. The important factor is how many cubic feet per minute the fan will ventilate. A fan that is too small for the size of your bathroom will not properly ventilate the moisture in your bathroom. With the fan installation also comes duct work. The moisture being ventilated needs to escape outside of your home.

At TBG we’ve upgraded many bathrooms that had moisture problems and we have the knowledge of what products are required to properly waterproof your bathroom and prevent any future moisture problems. We will ensure that your bathroom has great longevity.


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