Kitchens are the most popular home renovation

Modern kitchen renovationKitchens are so central to our daily lives. We want them to be a welcoming space, one where we can work efficiently and in comfort, in a harmonious balance of form and function. Since all of this comes together in one room, remodelling a kitchen is a great opportunity to make a significant change to a home, one that can be enjoyed for many years.

There are many things to consider when remodelling — issues such as the “work triangle” between the sink-stove-fridge, the number of people who typically will be enjoying meals there, its’ role as a gathering place for family, and how your personal style will impact the finished space. In addition, there are also many small decisions which need to be made each step of the way and may be overwhelming to many homeowners.

Our experience over the last 15 years helps us to help our clients make these decisions. Ultimately though, it is always your call — after all, you and your family will live with the results. We have seen many different ideas and approaches and we bring that knowledge to each unique project. We start with determining the new layout, then establish what style you have in mind which helps determine finishes and flooring as well as appliance choices.

Wine labelsWhen most people make the decision to renovate their kitchen, they have many ideas about what they wish to see changed — taking out a wall, moving a door, replacing cupboards, being only a few. There are also budget constraints to consider, as well as the concern that the process may quickly get out of hand. When we visit a new project for the first time, we are always open to what the client wants and we will make sure that we work with you in order to get you the maximum value for the money you spend. At TBG, we work to your needs — we can source out all the components for you — or work with ones that you have found, or suggest alternatives. Our clients tell us that we are very easy to get along with because we understand that we are working for you, that it is your house and that you need to end up with a result that you are going to be happy with long into the future.

As renovation professionals, we see through each project to completion. We do not juggle many simultaneous jobs since that results in stress and dissatisfaction — both on the part of the homeowner, and on our crew. We give you our promise that everything will be completed to your satisfaction and that any concerns will be addressed immediately. You have our commitment that we will clean up every night before we leave so that your home life is disrupted no more than absolutely necessary.

There are so many choices in layout and material, the options are endless. When you renovate your kitchen you need to work with people that can make sure you don’t get yourself into a situation that you didn’t intend. Work with TBG and we will work for you.


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